The optimum and cost-effective geosynthetic material for holding water and preventing water from leaking into surrounding silt in the construction of farm ponds is fish shrimp farm pond liner.

By using state-of-the-art automatic production lines and modern film blowing technology, HDPE pond liners are made from top-quality high-grade polyethylene raw material, with carbon black, antioxidant, anti-aging, and UV-resistance components added. The textured, smooth, and composite pond liners are the three types of HDPE geomembrane pond liners. The smooth pond liner is a popular choice for anti-seepage pond lining in shrimp or fish ponds.

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Commercial shrimp farms in Indonesia have sprung up in response to rising market demand for fresh shrimp. To provide shrimp feed on a large scale, fertilize ponds to stimulate microbiological growth, oxygenate, and decide the frequency of water changes. It's also important to keep waste from accumulating in the soil, as well as toxic substances like ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, acids, iron, and other potentially harmful compounds from entering the pond.

The purpose of using hdpe pond liner covering the entire pond in aquaculture, from the water treatment pond to the pond environment is: reducing water treatment costs due to soil osmosis, clean water environment, Important hygiene is easy and quick, minimizes pathogens for fish and shrimp, in ponds reduces the cost of drugs, feed, micro-organisms, stabilizes the pond environment, raises high density, large output, drought, Limit pollution to the pond environment, limit pathogens because they don't come in contact with the soil, easy management, quick cleaning at the end of the farming season,...1650961854687436.jpg

1.Reduce water treatment costs,be isolated from the soil.

2.The most important,clean & hygiene environment for fish and shrimp,less pollution,clean the waste and pond very easy and quickly,no need for cleaning machine,less labor cost.

3.Minimize pathogens for fish and shrimp,bcs of no contact with soil.

4.Reduce the cost of drugs, feed, micro-organisms, stabilizes the pond environment, raises high density, then will have large output.

5.Easy management,quick cleaning and fishing at the end of the farming season.

There are numerous brands of pond liner hdpe on the market right now, but the quality is inconsistent. In the Indonesian market, the GERUI GRI GM13 Standard HDPE pond liner for large ponds has been widely used and commended. GERUI HDPE geomembranes are made from 100% virgin resins supplied from USA company in Qatar and Saudi Arabia, with carbon black, antioxidants, anti-aging, and UV resistance components added in line with ASTM GRI GM13. In terms of manufacturing equipment, we use the world's most advanced automatic production equipment to ensure the quality of Indonesian shrimp ponds.

Such as 0.35mm from some suppliers,its service life is 3 years.

But GERUI 0.35mm geomembrane has 5 years warranty,can be used for 5 years.

Such as 0.5mm from other suppliers,its service life is 5 years.

But GERUI 0.5mm geomembrane has 8 years warranty,can be used for 8 years.

GERUI (pond liner manufacturer) produces 100% geomembrane pond liners that fulfill the worldwide GRI-GM13 standard. In terms of quality control, the IGS International Geosynthetics Association's GAI-LAP laboratory certifies the pond liner large we create, effectively ensuring the HDPE geomembrane product's quality.

Specifications of Black Pond Liner for Shrimp Farm Project in Indonesia:

  • Total black pond liner quantity – 90,000 square meters

  • Pond liner roll size –  7m*420m or as your request (Pond liner sizes OR pond liner dimensions: please contact us,then will give you a solution.)

  • HDPE Pond Liner Thickness – 0.5mm / pond liner mil: 19.68mil

  • Pond liner cost per square foot: 0.074 USD (0.5mm)  (“How much does a large pond liner cost”, please contact us,then will give you a solution.)

  • Pond liner quality: ASTM GRI GM 13

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Pond liner how to install:

About pond liner installation guide,GERUI team with more than 20 years experience will give you one stop turnkey solutions.

If you need to find pond liner installers or pond liner installation contractors near you, we would like to recommend local contractors for you.

The construction and installation steps of HDPE fish farm pond liner are as follows:

1. Cutting and transportation: According to the measurement record of the laying base, record the number of anti-seepage HDPE geomembranas in the cutting bundle, and transport the anti-seepage geomembranes of the lotus root pond to the laying site according to the quantity. Note that the pond liner cannot be dragged during transportation to avoid being stabbed by sharp objects.

2. It should extend from the bottom to the high position, do not pull too tight, and leave room to prevent local sinking and stretching. Taking into account the actual situation of the project, the slope is laid from top to bottom.

3. The longitudinal seams of two adjacent frames should not be on the same horizontal line, and the staggering of each other should not exceed 1 meter.

4. The longitudinal seam is more than 1.50m away from the dam foot and the bent foot, and should be set on the plane.

5. First the slope, then the field bottom.