Landfill Waste Site Geomembrane

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The landfill is a centralized waste storage site under the sanitary landfill method. The sanitary landfill is widely used because of its low cost and good sanitation. The largest domestic waste landfill in China is the Guangzhou Xingfeng Waste Landfill, which processes approximately 7,000 tons of domestic waste per day.

Traditional waste landfills generally use layered soil-covered landfills to dispose of garbage. After a layer of garbage is piled up, it is covered with a layer of loess, which can easily reduce garbage pollution. Now the landfill site is covered with geomembrane to fundamentally eliminate the secondary pollution of waste.

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The construction of a landfill site includes procedures for site selection, design and construction, landfill waste admission conditions, operation, closure, post-maintenance and management, and pollutant control and monitoring.

Features of special polyethylene (HDPE) geomembrane for landfills:

1. Polyethylene geomembrane is a flexible waterproof material. The construction scheme of geomembrane has a high anti-seepage coefficient (1×10-17 cm/s);

2. Polyethylene geomembrane has good heat resistance and cold resistance, and its use environment temperature is high temperature 110℃, low temperature -70℃;

3. The high-density polyethylene geomembrane has good chemical stability and can resist the corrosion of strong acid, alkali and oil. It is a good anti-corrosion material;

4. Polyethylene geomembrane has a high tensile strength, so that it has a high tensile strength to meet the needs of high-standard engineering projects;

5. Polyethylene geomembrane has strong weather resistance and strong anti-aging performance. The geomembrane can be used for a long time while maintaining the original performance;

6. The overall performance of polyethylene geomembrane, HDPE geomembrane has strong tensile strength and elongation at break, so that HDPE geomembrane can be used in a variety of different harsh geological and climatic conditions. Adapt to uneven geological settlement with strong strain force.