The Cost of HDPE Geomembrane Digester Project and the Profit Generated

This article focuses on the price cost and profit generated for a 10,000 cubic meter digester project built by hdpe geomembranes.

Do a good job of environmental protection projects on farms, build a large biogas digester project to achieve rainwater separation and separation of pig manure and sewage, to achieve waste to treasure, dig out a new biogas energy treasury, make the extra actual profit. 

Not only can we protect the environment, save labor and less worries , but also create profits.

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Some people may ask what is a black hdpe geomembrane digester?

Black geomembrane digester is commonly known as covered lagoon, flexible digester, geomembrane digester, laminated digester.

The principle of black film digester: black geomembrane digester, is an anaerobic digester in biogas engineering. It uses the advantages of hdpe membrane to prevent seepage and leakage, and lays a layer of hdpe impermeable membrane inside the excavated soil pit. According to the requirements of the anaerobic fermentation process, the pool is installed with water inlet and outlet, slag pumping pipe and biogas collection pipe, and the upper mouth of the pit pool is sealed with hdpe impermeable membrane. Anchor ditch is fixed around, forming an overall anaerobic fermentation space. Farming manure and water sewage after pre-treatment into the sealed space fermentation biogas production.

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In China, the price of traditional reinforced concrete digester is 450-500 RMB/cubic meter (72-80 USD), while the cost of new flexible black membrane biogas is less than 1/10 of the cost of the former. The overall price is between 40-45 RMB/cubic meter(6.5-8 USD).

Because the black membrane digester has many advantages such as large capacity, short working period, more gas production, long residence time and low cost. More and more favored by the majority of friends in the farming industry.


How much does a biogas digester project cost and how much profit can it generate?

From the above data, the cost of building a 10,000 cubic meter digester is 400,000-450,000 USD (65,000 USD).

A 10,000 cubic meter digester project can carry 10,000 pigs/cattle for daily fermentation of manure and sewage,

The gas production rate of a black geomembrane digester is 10%.

So a 10,000 cubic meters digester can produce 1000 cubic meters of biogas per day.

1 cubic meter of biogas can generate 1.5 kWh of electricity.

The market price of 1 kWh is 0.6 Yuan/kWh (0.01 USD).


Daily biogas production profit for 10,000 cubic meters of biogas digester:

10000*10%*1.5*0.6=$900 (143 USD)

Profit for 10,000 cubic meters biogas digester for one year.

900 * 365 days = 328,500 USD/year (52,200 USD)

Excluding the cost of daily expenses.

The profit generated by a 10,000 cubic meter biogas digester will pay back the cost of building the digester in less than 2 years.

Our ASTM standard geomembrane has a long using life,at least 10 years under the direct sun.

Looking forward to working with you to create benefits while protecting the environment, this is the best project in the 21st century!