Geomembrane Can Meet the Needs of a Variety of Projects

      Geomembrane can meet the needs of civil engineering such as water conservancy, municipal administration, construction, transportation, subway, tunnel and so on. 

On the one hand, it is because the geomembrane has a relatively high resistance to chemical corrosion and erosion, 

and on the other hand, because the geomembrane has a significant anti-seepage effect, other common anti-seepage materials, 

this product is not only relatively simple to install and construct, but also in terms of economical cost investment. 

       It is also relatively affordable, so it is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving anti-seepage material.

       Of course, for the anti-seepage materials used in major projects, the quality of geomembrane must be mastered well in order to prevent accidents and ensure the safety of people's lives and property.

1000立方猪场粪污处理项目 国家绿水青山工程 (2).jpg

       As we all know, in some oil fields and oil depot projects, dilute oil and industrial liquids are stored in each oil tank. Most of the liquids in this part have relatively high chemical corrosion and corrosiveness, which means that once a leakage accident occurs, The result of the impact will be very severe, so the anti-seepage work must be done well.

       The term anti-seepage often appears in water conservancy projects, because various water storage and water delivery buildings need to avoid water leakage. With the development of industry, many industrial wastes and mining wastes (tailings) are stored, as well as sewage. The anti-seepage requirements of sewage projects are often higher than those of the former, especially when there are toxic components in them, the requirements are more stringent.

       Domestic wastes and industrial wastes often emit odorous and toxic gases to avoid the dispersion of various gases, which are also attributed to the problem of anti-seepage. Therefore, the anti-seepage in this article refers to avoiding the leakage of various liquids and the dispersion of gases.

       All kinds of metals and plates have good anti-seepage function, but because of their high cost, they can only be used for precious materials and small capacity. The price of geomembrane is low, only 1/10 of the cost of the actual anti-seepage material, so the geomembrane is an ideal anti-seepage material.

       In short, geomembrane has the advantages of easy construction, low cost, reliable function, and saving construction time.