Common Types of Use of Geotextiles

When it comes to geotextiles, everyone may have heard more or less, but some people may not know the actual application type.

Geotextile has various functions such as isolation, filtration, drainage, protection, puncture prevention, reinforcement, etc. It can isolate a certain material, filter fine gravel, and protect the soil.

Due to its many uses, geotextiles can be seen in hydraulic engineering, mine engineering, railway engineering and other projects. In water conservancy projects and mine projects, it plays a role in drainage. And in railway engineering, it plays the role of reinforcement. In pavement construction using asphalt, it plays a role in preventing cracks in the pavement.

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1. Barrier geotextile.

Set between different media to prevent adjacent different media from mixing. Barrier geotextiles are mainly used for barriers between embankment fillers with different particle sizes, or to lay geotextiles on soft soil to prevent clogging of the upper drainage cushion.

2. Reinforced geotextile.

The geotextile with a certain tensile strength is buried in the soil, and the strength and stability of the soil are improved by the interaction between the geotextile and the soil interface, and the displacement of the soil is suppressed. Reinforced geotextiles are mainly used in reinforced soil structures, reinforced cushions in soft foundation treatment and other projects, or combined with geomembranes to form reinforced composite geomembranes.


3. Wrap the geotextile.

Geotextiles are used as loose wrappings of soil, sand and stone or as carriers of concrete and mortar to form blocks of a certain volume and shape, and are used for slope protection, scour prevention and other projects. Geotextile products mainly include geotextile bags, geomembrane bags, geotextile tube bags, etc. Both the geotextiles and the bagged sand wells in the bagged grit filter layer have a wrapping function.

4. Drainage filter geotextile.

The geotextile allows the liquid and gas to pass directly, and the soil skeleton particles under the saturation force are not lost. Some geotextiles are also used as lateral drainage channels. Drainage filter geotextile is mainly used for slope protection, retaining wall or rear filter layer, drainage blind ditch, soft foundation treatment, etc. It is used as outsourcing data of geosynthetic data filter layer, bagged sand and gravel filter layer, soft permeable pipe, plastic drainage belt, bagged sand well or composite geomembrane.


In addition to the above four points, we should also pay attention to the actual procurement problem. The first is the difference in quality, especially the choice of raw materials. Due to the different materials used, the quality of this product is directly determined. As long as the thickness and strength are up to standard, it can be used in more and different places, which is a point. Another point is that the scale of this product is different now. When some manufacturers are producing, they must first produce large-scale products, and some manufacturers can produce some small-scale products. It can be said that although they are all products like geotextiles, they are still different. It can be seen that although the scope of application of geotextiles is relatively wide, it does not mean that any type of size is suitable for your construction project, we still need to pay more attention when purchasing.