How to Distinguish Different Types of Geomembrane

Geomembrane is one of the important materials of waterproof membrane at present, which can be divided into low density polyethylene geomembrane, high density polyethylene geomembrane and linear polyethylene geomembrane. Here's how to differentiate these types of polyethylene geomembranes:

The first tip: look at the appearance

LDPE geomembrane has good gloss and high transparency.

HDPE geomembrane, low gloss, fog, milky white frosted color;

LLDPE geomembrane has a transparent and smooth appearance between high pressure polyethylene film and low pressure polyethylene film.


The second tip: touch feeling

LDPE plastic film, soft;

HDPE plastic film, relatively hard;

LLDPE plastic film is smooth and soft, and also lower in hardness than low pressure polyethylene plastic film.


The third tip: Pull Stretch

High pressure LDPE polyethylene geomembrane has good impact resistance and ductility.

Low pressure polyethylene plastic HDPE film has higher tensile strength and lower elongation than high pressure polyethylene plastic film.

The tensile strength of linear polyethylene film LLDPE geomembrane is higher than that of high pressure polyethylene film and low pressure polyethylene film, and the elongation is medium.


The forth tip: Knead 

LDPE geomembrana, smooth, low sound, easy to open the coil;

HDPE geomembrana, loud sound, easy to unwind, the coating film is white with creases;

LLDPE geomembrana, low sound, coil not easy to open.

Geomembrane is a kind of high molecular polymer made from polyethylene particles by extrusion coating machine process and film blowing machine blow molding process. It has good flexibility, tensile ductility, puncture resistance and low permeability coefficient. Because its main feature is anti-seepage and isolation, geomembrane is also called anti-seepage membrane, and some actual users are used to calling it anti-seepage. Seepage geotextile, waterproof geotextile. Geomembrane is divided into white, transparent and black. Generally, black is used more, because black is added with double resistance. Double resistance refers to two kinds of auxiliary additives, antioxidant and anti-ultraviolet. It is also granular, so most projects use The black geomembrane, while the white one is mainly used in the tunnel, that is, the tunnel waterproofing board. Generally, the geomembrane above 1.0 mm is called waterproof sheets, and the workshop is used to call it a board/sheets.